Updated: July 28, 2020 at 3:58PM

Pre-matriculation Testing

As part of our health and safety guidelines for returning to campus, all enrolled Notre Dame undergraduate and graduate students are required to undergo pre-matriculation testing. The University has partnered with LabCorp, a leading national provider of tests and lab services, to distribute tests to students and for University Health Services to receive the results from LabCorp before students return to campus.

Pre-matriculation testing is a prerequisite for enrollment as a Notre Dame student in Fall 2020. Students who fail to complete a pre-matriculation test will be denied access to campus and their department will be notified that they are not eligible to take classes. 

Students should contact University Health Services with any questions through their UHS patient portal or by calling 574-631-7497.

Testing Process

The following outlines the details of the pre-matriculation testing process:

Receiving the Testing Kit

All student pre-matriculation testing kits will be shipped via FedEx to the address students provided by Saturday, July 25, 2020 and should arrive at the designated address by Monday, July 27, 2020.  Because testing kits cannot be shipped outside the United States, international students received a supplemental set of instructions about their pre-matriculation testing options.

A small number of kits may be shipped after that date if there is a discrepancy between the University’s address of record and FedEx address standards. The University and our testing and lab services partner, LabCorp, accelerated the distribution of kits out of an abundance of caution. While the processing of Notre Dame’s test kits to date has proceeded smoothly and within anticipated timeframes, sending out test kits earlier helps avoid any delays that might arise from the growing national demand for tests.

Completing the Test

Once students receive their test kits, they should review the set of instructions included for how to collect a home specimen and how to send it back to LabCorp for processing. Students should complete the test as soon as they receive it, as long as it is a weekday, Monday through Friday. 

Students MUST note the date and time of the specimen collection on the Specimen Confirmation Form included in the collection kit and RETURN the specimen on the SAME DAY it is collected. Failure to fill in the date and time of the specimen collection or return the kit on the same day will make the specimen invalid and unable to be processed. 

After collecting the specimen on the assigned day, students should return the kit in the provided package to a FedEx Drop Box. The specimen MUST be shipped Monday through Friday and on the same day it is collected. Students should not use a FedEx Store or put swabs in a FedEx Drop Box on a Saturday or Sunday. Students should also be sure to confirm the pickup time on the Drop Box so specimens do not sit overnight and become potentially invalid. The kit will be sent to a nearby LabCorp testing facility and results will be sent directly to UHS. 

After the Test

After taking the test, students should continue to monitor their health and contact their local health provider if they develop any symptoms. We also expect students to continue to wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and disinfect frequently. Students are asked to restrict their activities as much as they can to ensure a low risk of infection. Students should also practice high levels of prevention while traveling back to campus. If we can help with planning a student’s domestic or international return in a way that helps mitigate the risk, please contact UHS for a consultation at 574-631-7497.  

Once UHS receives test results from LabCorp, we will confirm the results and upload them to the UHS Patient Portal. Students will receive an email indicating they have a message in their Patient Portal, and they can log in and view their confidential test results.

If a student’s results are negative, the student will be cleared to return to campus. UHS will let Residential Life know the on-campus students who are cleared to return to campus, though test results will not be shared. Students moving on-campus will receive a confirmation email from Residential Life confirming their move-in appointment. Additionally, students living on-campus cannot move in until receiving this confirmation from Residential Life.

If a student’s test results are positive, the student must stay home and away from campus even if he or she does not have symptoms. UHS will follow up directly with the student to discuss a care plan and how to receive clearance to return to campus.

If a student becomes ill with symptoms of COVID-19 or is exposed to someone with COVID-19 between the time of the test and arrival, the student must delay travel and contact a health care provider for evaluation. Students cannot come to campus until they have completed isolation or quarantine and are not infectious.