Updated: February 26, 2021 at 2:46PM

Campus Dining

Campus Modifications

A number of modifications to on-campus activity remain in place:

  • Seating capacity in several lounge and dining locations is reduced by approximately 25%.
  • Rohr’s will offer only take out dining.

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Indoor Dining

Students can dine in North and South Dining Halls, in designated heated dining tents by the dining halls and student centers, in their residence hall rooms, or in designated areas of Hesburgh Library, McCourtney Hall, and the Rasmus Club (8th floor) of the Duncan Student Center.

Complete guide for how to dine this spring.

Grab n' Go & Grubhub app

  • Retail outlets have revised menus to reflect Grab n' Go or individually plated carryout food only. Food orders from these outlets may be placed in advance through the Grubhub app and are available for pick up.
  • The following locations will open for takeout: all locations within LaFortune Student Center and Duncan Student Center, Au Bon Pain, Crossings, Garbanzo, and Legends.

Video: Get Started with Grubhub

GrubHub introduction video