Updated: September 21, 2020 at 1:45PM

The University's plan is subject to change. Check this website often for the latest information.

Student Life

A number of modifications remain in effect during the phased return to campus activity:

Residence Halls

  • No individuals will be allowed in residence halls unless they are assigned a bed or are working in the hall.
  • As campus resumes in-person undergraduate instruction, up to two additional residents from the same section may gather in another student’s room if all occupants wear masks, distance appropriately, and leave doors open.
  • Hall meetings and programming must be virtual; residents must adhere to common space occupancy limits.
  • Residents must wear masks at all times and in all spaces outside of their assigned rooms.

Facilities & Dining

  • Duncan Student Center and LaFortune Student Center returned to regular hours on Wednesday, September 2.
  • The Smith Center for Recreational Sports, the Rockne Memorial, the North Dome at Joyce Center, and hall fitness rooms will reopen beginning Monday, September 14.
  • Retail dining outlets in Duncan Student Center opened on Wednesday, September 2. ABP and Garbanzo open Thursday, September 3. Food ordered from these locations as well as Legends, Rohr’s, and retail outlets in LaFortune must be ordered through GrubHub and carried out.
  • Students should eat exclusively either outside at a strict physical distance or in their residence hall rooms.
  • Notre Dame students with meal plans can utilize dining halls at Saint Mary’s College.
  • Morris Inn is closed to the public through Wednesday, September 16.
  • Dining halls remain open with adjustments to facilities and offerings.
  • Students should eat outside at a strict physical distance or in their residence hall rooms.

Student Activities

  • Programs planned by University departments may be offered in-person.
  • Registered student club, organization, and residence hall events should continue virtual engagement and may resume in-person programs beginning Monday, September 7. Programs must follow all guidelines for student activities.
  • The Student Activities Fair will be held from Thursday, September 10 through Sunday, September 13, though new students are welcome to reach out to clubs of interest anytime.

Addressing Violations

  • It is imperative that students, faculty, and staff call one another to accountability for lapses in mask wearing, physical distancing, or gathering together outside of the guidelines above. Community members, whether students, faculty, or staff, should report unsafe behavior with specific addresses, names, and details.
  • The University will increase monitoring of campus activity, particularly near tents and at night.
  • Students found responsible, especially for hosting unsafe gatherings, will face severe disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the University.

Standards of Conduct

In addition to regular standards of conduct, students involved in unsafe gatherings, whether on or off campus, or who display a persistent disregard for our health and safety practices in academic or campus settings may be referred to the University conduct process.

Unsafe gatherings include those where masks are not worn and/or large numbers over 20 are gathered with disregard for physical distancing guidelines.

Depending on the nature of the incident, hosts of unsafe gatherings jeopardize their ability to remain a part of the University community.


All students will receive a welcome back package that includes a refillable hand disinfectant or sanitizer, thermometer, and at least three masks, though we also encourage you to bring extra supplies with you to campus.

So as to be fully prepared for all forms of teaching, learning, and engagement during  Fall 2020, we recommend that new and returning students have access to the following: personal laptop computer, ethernet cable, and headphones. Those for whom obtaining such items would present a financial hardship are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Enrichment