Updated: October 16, 2020 at 9:11AM

Winter Session Travel Policy

The strict limitations on University-sponsored travel during the Fall semester were an important component of the package of measures and protocols designed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Limiting this travel to “essential travel,” even with some approved exceptions, constrained some important work, especially research. The restrictions will be lifted for the period between the close of the Fall semester on November 20, 2020 and the start of the Spring semester on February 3, 2021 (“Winter session”), subject to the following:

  1. All University-funded travel must be completed by January 27, 2021, which will allow time for the traveler to obtain medical advice on any recommended measures (such as testing or quarantining) before returning to campus for the Spring semester. Those who have been traveling should contact the University Health Services (students) or Wellness Center (faculty and staff) to determine whether measures may be required to help safeguard our campus community.
  2. While the restrictions related to the University’s efforts to manage the spread of the coronavirus are lifted for the Winter session, budget constraints continue. University-funded travel should be approved in advance by the responsible Dean or Vice President and scheduled through Anthony Travel (unless an exception is granted by the relevant budget manager.)
  3. International travel must follow restrictions of the countries visited, including those passed through. Moreover, all international travel must be registered in the travel registry maintained by Notre Dame International. NDI is available as a resource to learn current travel alerts and restrictions, as well as information about insurance, repatriation in case of trouble, etc.
  4. The University’s public health protocols, described in the COVID-19 Policy and here.nd.edu/policies, should be observed while traveling on University business, in addition to any requirements in effect at the destination.
  5. University Health Services and the Wellness Center remain as resources for those returning to the campus community after personal travel.

University-sponsored travel will be limited to essential travel after February 2, 2021, just as in the Fall semester.

(effective November 21, 2020 – February 2, 2021)