Updated: January 21, 2021 at 1:27PM

Gatherings Policy

The University’s COVID-19 operating plans are grounded in expert medical advice and public health and safety guidelines, which counsel against non-essential gatherings of people, and require observation of health and safety protocols when gatherings do take place.

This policy applies to any University-sponsored business that may require in-person gatherings larger than incidental meetings, on or off campus.

  1. To reduce the risk of the potential spread of COVID-19, departmental, academic, and administrative meetings should be conducted virtually or in a hybrid model if at all possible.  Some in-person meetings may be needed to support morale and productivity, in which case all attendees are expected to follow all public health and university protocols, as outlined in the University’s COVID-19 Policy.  When possible, we encourage groups to take advantage of outdoor spaces for meetings.  All meetings and gatherings should be conducted in accordance with the University’s Meeting and Event Guidelines.
  2. In the limited instances that gatherings are permitted, event capacity will be determined by University Enterprises and Events whose decisions will be grounded in applicable public health guidance. The acceptable size of an event is subject to change up until the date of the event.  For assistance with reserving space and to receive guidance on the University’s Meeting and Event Guidelines, please call University Events at 574.631.1400 or email VenueND@ND.edu.
  3. Budget constraints dictate that social gatherings using University funds be curtailed.  Any such gatherings must comply with the University’s Meeting and Event Guidelines and must be approved in advance by the Dean or Vice President responsible for the budget that will be charged for the event.
  4. All Masses and sacramental liturgies held at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart follow the guidelines of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.  Moreover, the health and safety protocols for the Basilica reflect the University’s guidelines for safe gatherings and worship; additional information may be found here.
  5. Student gatherings will be conducted in a manner consistent with university health and safety protocols including restrictions on the size of informal gatherings, and must comply with student club and organization guidelines and protocols
  6. On-campus gatherings hosted by external organizations and those that include attendees who are not part of the University community will be limited and approved by the Vice President for University Enterprises and Events.  For those that may occur, they will be limited to the Morris Inn and Legends, which will continue to welcome the general public per the University’s policy on Visitors to Campus.  This policy requires a reduction in campus visitors in order to limit the introduction of pathogens to the University community.  Moreover, any gathering at the Morris Inn or Legends will be operated in accordance with the University’s Meeting and Event Guidelines and overarching university safety guidelines, and will be subject to the mandatory health protocols prominently displayed in each building.
  7. Any rare appeals for exceptions to this policy should be made to the University’s Executive Officers (i.e., President, Provost, Executive Vice President).  In assessing whether to approve a proposed event on appeal, the Executive Officers will consider: (a) the need for the requested event to take place on the requested date instead of at some later time; (b) the immediate importance of the requested event to the University’s core mission of teaching and research; and (c) the potential long-term consequences to the University of not hosting the requested on the proposed date.  Appeals may be submitted by completing the University Gathering Exception Request Form at least four weeks prior to the requested gathering date.

(Effective December 1, 2020 until further notice)