Updated: August 06, 2020 at 7:58AM

Our Shared Responsibility

In its decision-making about reopening campus for Fall 2020, the University is guided by three principles: the safety of all students, faculty, staff and their families; an ongoing commitment to offering an unsurpassed undergraduate education that nurtures the mind, body and spirit; and an equal commitment to advancing human understanding through scholarship, research and post-baccalaureate programs that heal, unify and enlighten.

Dealing with COVID-19 presents all of us with enormous challenges—not just as a University, but also as a people and as a society. Now more than ever, Notre Dame seeks to deliver on its critical commitments to training the next generation and advancing the knowledge frontier, all shaped by its distinctive Catholic commitment to care for each person. 

Creating a safe and healthy environment at the University of Notre Dame for students, faculty, and staff is a shared responsibility that will require each of us to do our part and be accountable to one another for our behavior both on and off-campus. 

As a condition of returning to campus, community members are required to follow the COVID-19 related policies and requirements established by the University of Notre Dame. 

Among the key responsibilities of each community member are:

  • Wearing masks
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Observing personal hygiene (i.e., hand washing)
  • Completing daily health checks

This website provides up-to-date campus health and safety information and links to a wide range of helpful resources as the University prepares for the reopening of campus for the 2020-21 academic year. In the rapidly evolving environment of a global pandemic, the likelihood that the University may need to change, adapt and adjust various policies and protocols is high. All members of this community are expected to read the COVID-19 related health and safety communications sent to them and to visit this website regularly for updates and additional information. Flexibility and adaptability are essential, and the University community must be willing to immediately adapt to changing circumstances by implementing more restrictions and/or returning quickly to shelter-in-place and/or remote instruction. 

This reopening plan was developed in close partnership with local health officials and is consistent with national guidelines promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In developing its plan, the University has received invaluable advice and guidance from infectious disease experts at the Cleveland Clinic.

Slow the Spread

CDC Director Robert R. Redfield, MD discusses how we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

CDC Director discusses how to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Unit-Specific Plans

The policies and procedures listed on this site are expected of all members of the Notre Dame Family, including students, staff, faculty, schools, colleges, departments, and divisions. Individual units may implement functional-specific plans with enhanced safety guidelines (e.g., additional protocol around food services, utilities, etc.). 

The University will plan and equip public space in all occupied and open buildings with informational signage/graphics and hand sanitizing stations. Managers who desire consultation in considering adaptations to their unit’s work areas including the addition of signage and graphics are invited to request assistance via email.