Updated: February 24, 2021 at 11:06AM

Campus Compact

The Campus Compact for the Spring Semester 2021, as outlined in a recent email to undergraduate and professional students, is intended to provide consistent awareness of health and safety policies and procedures.

Review the Campus Compact.

By matriculating and appearing on campus for the Spring Semester, students agree to adhere to the Campus Compact. To address violations of the Compact, the University has adopted an addendum to du Lac that describes an expedited administrative process.

Review this addendum to du Lac: A Guide to Student Life, Notre Dame's web-based student handbook.

The expectations listed in the Compact should largely be familiar to students as many were in place during the Fall Semester. Some protocols have been added for the Spring Semester to help keep the campus and local communities as safe as possible.

Report violations of the Compact using the COVID concerns form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Compact different from the Return to Campus Orientation we completed before the Fall Semester 2020?

The Campus Compact reinforces the guidelines covered in the Return to Campus Orientation program. Many of the guidelines are still in effect from last semester (i.e., wearing masks, physical distancing, Daily Health Check, etc.). The Compact assembles all the guidelines in one place, and the related addendum to du Lac describes the potential consequences for violating the Compact.

How will enforcement be handled?

The addendum to du Lac describes a new, expedited administrative process in the Office of Community Standards for handling violations of the Campus Compact.

Are there any new guidelines for Spring Semester 2021?

Again, many of the guidelines and protocols are the same. Others have been enhanced to increase the health and safety of our community. For example, the University will place a much greater emphasis on surveillance testing this semester. Students can expect to be tested once a week, and face consequences for non-compliance.