Updated: August 06, 2020 at 12:06PM

Emotional Support and Well-being

Community is central to Notre Dame’s identity, and an important part of why we’re HERE. Protecting each other is not just a matter of physical well-being. Our ability to cope and manage stress during this time is equally important.

That is all the more challenging because of the current context. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking place as other profound societal and political challenges are being brought to the forefront. These are all significant events and conversations, but their nexus can be overwhelming.

The Emotional Support and Well-being Working Group is identifying challenges to mental health and wellness related to COVID-19 and reopening and fall semester; as well as identifying existing emotional support and wellbeing resources for faculty, staff, and students to address these challenges. Grief, isolation, burnout, vulnerability, discrimination, and more are common responses to the current environment.

By now, we know the steps to take help us maintain physical health: wear a mask, wash our hands, maintain physical distance. There are also behaviors that can help maintain our emotional health: staying connected, taking a break, reaching out, to name a few.


A wide variety of support is available. Both internal and external.


If you need immediate help.

University Units

Directory of University offices ready to help.