Updated: August 02, 2020 at 12:18PM

Daily Health Check

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Our care and concern for each other will be evident in new ways this year. The daily health check is a critically important tool in our efforts to keep members of this community safe and healthy. Each of us—students, faculty and staff—are required to complete a daily health check using the online Return to Campus Advisor tool. For the fall semester, please complete your health check every day—even on days when you don’t plan to be on campus—as having the ability to analyze the University community’s aggregate data will allow us to monitor emerging trends.

Complete my daily health check


On Tuesday, July 28, students, faculty, and staff will begin receiving regular reminders to complete the daily health check.

Students can expect to receive their reminders via text message and email notification. Students can opt out of the text message notifications at any time by responding "STOP" to the text message, but students will still be required to perform the daily health check.

Faculty and staff will receive their reminders via email notification. A link to the daily health check tool (Return to Campus Advisor) can also be found in the ND Mobile app.

Health check step-by-step

The daily health check will take less than two minutes to complete and will help you determine whether you present symptoms that require isolation or further assessment.

  • Access Return to Campus Advisor tool via daily reminder email, text, ND Mobile app, or browser bookmark.
  • Log into the Return to Campus Advisor tool (using Okta two-step authentication).
  • Answer the three questions and submit your response.
  • Review your Campus Pass and carefully read all the instructions.

Software Walkthrough: Performing Your Daily Health Check

Passes and Instructions

The daily health check tool is not intended to diagnose whether you have a disease or other health conditions, including COVID-19, or identify personalized treatments. If you have concerns about your health or the health and safety of your campus, regardless of whether this tool notifies you of a risk, contact the COVID Response Unit.

If you receive a Green Pass

You are cleared to be on campus to attend classes, work, and other activities.

Note: This does not change your current job arrangement—only return to campus when advised by your supervisor to do so.

If you receive a Red Pass

You should stay in place, and follow the instructions provided. Always read the instructions carefully and in entirety.

If you wish to review your Campus Pass for the day, you can log in to review or print your pass.

Terms, Privacy, and Data

The Return to Campus Advisor (RTCA) is a vital component in Notre Dame's work to address health and safety on campus. Everyone at Notre Dame must complete a daily health check. Your answers will be used to determine your campus pass status and to support ongoing health and wellness activities. In addition, Notre Dame may use this information for internal evaluation and analysis.

Learn more about the terms of use and data governance.