Updated: May 24, 2021 at 8:00AM


Review these important expectations for your time in quarantine or isolation. The violation of protocols listed below may be subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Students may only leave their rooms for follow-up tests as scheduled through the COVID Testing Site or due to fire alarms. Leaving your room for any other situation will be seen as a violation of the Q/I protocols. Students should return to their Q/I room immediately following testing or a fire alarm--no stops for food, collecting possessions in your residence, or visits to any other locations.
  2. Students should not leave their rooms for any surveillance testing while in Q/I. Your absence from surveillance testing will be excused during your Q/I stay.
  3. When leaving the building for your follow-up COVID-19 tests, you must sign in and out at the front desk and use the front door or exit/entrance as designated by the front desk. Any student using an entrance/exit other than the designated entrance/exit will automatically be reported, as this is a violation.
  4. Any deliveries must check in with the front desk or security officer. Delivery will be made to the student's door and will be a contactless “knock and drop” delivery. 
  5. No visitors will be permitted, including others within the Q/I facility. 
  6. Students will leave the facility neat and clean--any destruction of property or extensive cleaning needed as a result of a stay will be seen as a violation and referred for fee recovery. Trash should be bundled and left outside the room door for pickup.
  7. Students are expected to continue completing their Daily Health Check each day to document symptoms. You will not need to continue indicating your positive test or exposure. However, be sure to document your symptoms and any new test results or exposures. This will ensure UHS can appropriately monitor your health while in Q/I. 

Refer to the quarantine and isolation compact for a complete list of expectations for your time in quarantine and isolation.