Updated: November 06, 2020 at 10:40AM

Tested Positive

  1. Tested positive today

  2. Moved to isolation for 10 days after positive COVID-19 test/onset of symptoms*

    If you have tested positive and are currently at the University Testing Center, you will be directed to the Housing Desk who will coordinate your Isolation space. If you tested positive off-campus, you will be directed to Gate 3 of the Joyce Center to learn more about your Isolation space. You will be allowed to isolate off-campus if you have access to your own bedroom and bathroom for the duration of your isolation.

    Start of Isolation Stay

    • Depending on your current quarantine situation, you may be moved to a new temporary housing facility.

    While in Isolation

    • If you are concerned about new or worsening medical symptoms you should call University Health Services for a telehealth consultation at 574-631-7497. Our clinicians are committed to ensuring you are scheduled for any additional testing or medical evaluation you may need. All students may call UHS for consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      Symptoms include, but not limited to:

      • fever
      • new shortness of breath or difficulty breathing (not from a chronic or known condition)
      • new loss of taste or smell
      • body aches and chills (not explained by exercise or cold environment)
      • significant cough (not from a chronic or known condition)
      • painful sore throat (not from a chronic or known condition)
      • unexplained fatigue
      • muscle or body aches (not explained by exercise)
      • headache
      • new congestion or runny nose (not from a chronic or known condition)
      • nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

    Near End of Isolation Stay

    • Expect to be contacted by the CRU Release Team (via phone or email) regarding your evaluation for release, assuming you have not already been referred to UHS.. Please be ready to take your temperature in advance of your release conversation.
    • Those who need to remain in isolation will continue to be evaluated by a UHS physician until they are eligible for release.

    **Contacted and evaluated for release from isolation

*Contacted and evaluated for release from isolation

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