Updated: February 04, 2021 at 11:33AM


Research Laboratories, Core Facilities, and Creative Art Studios 

The University has approached reopening its laboratories, core facilities, and studios in a phased manner in accordance with key principles. Currently, Notre Dame is operating in Phase 3 for research labs, studios, and facilities. However, given the unpredictable nature of the coronavirus outbreak, the University may make changes to this guidance, either moving forward to wider reopening, or backwards toward tighter restrictions, possibly at short notice. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to check this page often and to sign up to the update mailing list here.

The University is currently in Phase 3 for Labs and Studios. Additional information is available at the following website: research.nd.edu/continuity

To report a research concern related to reopening, a quick response form has been set up. This form can be submitted anonymously if preferred.

Updates to the Lab/Studio Reopening Playbook

Notre Dame Research is currently in Phase 3 of a phased reopening.

Details, forms & guidelines 

Undergraduate Research Assistants

In Phase 3, undergraduates are allowed into labs as either special topics/thesis students or as research assistants. This decision is left to the faculty/research directors, but the guidance requires significant special considerations that must be taken into account if undergraduates are a part of labs/studios. The faculty/research director must also update their Phase 3 reopening plan to include undergraduates if they have not done so already. The full guidance is available on the Notre Dame Research website.

Research-Based Travel

Research-based travel will be significantly limited from now until the end of the fall semester. For faculty and students, exceptions will be allowed based on the following three criteria:
  1. An assessment of the need for the requested travel during the semester instead of at a later time
  2. The immediate importance of the requested travel to the University’s core mission of teaching and research
  3. The potential long-term consequences to the research and the University of not undertaking the requested travel during the semester
The research-based travel guidance is available on the Notre Dame Research website.